IRIS10S Detail Information

8 Channel Digital Algorithm for Hearing Amplification


We provide more clear sound by digitalizing the way

human cochlea analyzes audio frequency and divides it precisely into 400 Hz intervals.

We provide more natural and accurate sound even in diverse environments

by adequately compressing small and big sounds to meet your degree of hearing.

ITC (In The Canal) Type with Minimal Size


ITC type is almost invisible since it is entirely hidden in your ear canal

and this makes you to use it discreetly with comfort.

An exterior dome makes your IRIS10s rest in your ear stably

and prevents audio sound generated in your ear by the device from escaping outside.


Multifunctional Storage Case

Battery Charger

Battery charging is essential for hearing instruments as they are used every day.

You can use both rechargeable and normal battery and normal battery

and can choose either one of them conveniently.


In general, hearing aids and sound amplifiers are both weak against humidity.

Our storage case can reduce humidity in your IRIS10s

which further increases quality and reliability of the device.

Diverse Functions Linked to Smartphones

We provide diverse functions by using the latest Bluetooth technology.

Mode Selection


Volume Control


Adjustment of Audio Frequency


Hearing Test