• 8 Channel Digital Algorithm for Hearing Amplification

    We provide more clear sound by digitalizing the way human cochlea analyzes audio frequency and divides it precisely into 400 Hz intervals.

    We provide more natural and accurate sound even in diverse environments by adequately compressing small and big sounds to meet your degree of hearing.
  • Enhanced Noise Reduction

    We provide clear environment for conversation by reducing noise and amplifying speech sounds even when you are in noisy situations.
  • Automatic Sound Output Control

    We protect your hearing by decreasing volume of sudden big sounds and preventing their distortion.
  • Noise Squelch

    We provide you with listening comfort by even effectively reducing level of noise even in a quiet place.
  • ITE (In The Ear) Type with Minimal Size

    The size and weight of the hearing instruments are very important in order to use them for a long time in the real life.Our IRIS10S is very comfortable to apply and wear as it weighs just 1.6g.
  • Control Button

    The control button has two functions.

    Short press (1 full second) : Changes your environment modes
    Long press (3 full seconds) : Power on and off the device
  • Battery Life

    Rechargeable battery: 15 hours (4 hours charge) 312 zinc air battery : 120 hours use
  • Certification

    IRIS10S product has been certified by the US FDA and European CE Medical for product performance.

Multifunctional Charger Case

Battery Charger
It costs a lot to buy a battery every time. Using the charge function,
it can be used for 15 hours by charging for 4 hours.
Due to the characteristics of hearing aids and amplifiers, the generation of moisture due to prolonged use can cause the product to malfunction.
In addition, the earwax on the product after long use also deteriorates the performance of the product.
The dehumidification function works automatically during charging, making it easy to remove moisture and wax, helping you to use the product for a long time without trouble.
Diverse Functions Linked to Smartphones
We provide diverse functions by using the latest Bluetooth technology.
  • Change

  • Adjust

  • Adjust

  • Self-hearing
    test and

  • Power

  • Battery
    level indicator

Various Function of Free Application

  • Environment modes

  • Adjust volume

  • Adjust frequencies

  • Hearing Test

  • Audiogram

You can download IRIS10 app for free in select Apple and Android devices.


Product Illustration

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Number of Hearing Channels 8Ch.(WDRC)
Max Output / Average Gain 113dB(400Hz) / 33dB
Compatibility Mild to Moderately severe hearing loss
Battery Type 312 zinc-air coin
Rechargeable nickel metal coin
Hours of Use (Rechargeable/Normal) 15 hours / 120 hours
Charging / Dehumidifying Hours 4 hours / 104F 3 hours
Weight / Color 0.06 oz / Dark Grey
Bluetooth Version 4.1 Low Energy
Self-Hearing Test & Auto Fitting Available (App)
Change of Mode Button / App
Volume Change 10 Stages (App)
Power Control Button / App
Android Version OS 5.0 or higher version
iPhone Version OS 7.0 or higher version / iPhone 4S or later device
Instruction Guide
Please watch general instruction on how to use HearingAble IRIS10S in the following movie.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is IRIS10S a hearing aid?
    • Since IRIS10S didn’t go through a process of certification for medical devices, it cannot be sold as a hearing aid. It is classified as a personal sound amplifier instead.
      However, its performance is identical to those of hearing aids because chipset and software algorithms specifically designed for hearing aids are used to make our devices.

  • For which level(s) of hearing loss can IRIS10S be used?
    • It is suitable for people with mild ~ moderately severe hearing loss.

  • How do I know which level of hearing loss I have?
    • It is desirable to visit health care professional to find out which level of hearing loss you may have.
      However, for your reference, about 90% of global population having hearing loss are in the range of mild ~ Moderately severe loss.

  • Can I improve my tinnitus with the IRIS10S product?
    • IRIS10S is a hearing amplification product that can not improve tinnitus.

  • Isnt it that HearingAble needs to be custom-made like other hearing aids in general?
    • Of course, it is most desirable if you can make your device based on the structure of your ear and then customize its setting through the results of your hearing test.
      However, in this case, price of the device will go up very high and it will be quite inconvenient since you will need to visit a hearing care professional either at hospital or hearing aid store several times.
      IRIS10S is a In-Ear type hearing instrument with minimal size which allows almost everyone to wear it comfortably and do hearing test by themselves directly.

  • How do I do hearing test?
    • You can do hearing test through our IRIS10 app. You can download it for free to your smartphone. it allows to connect your device to your smartphone wirelessly.
      Using this app, you can do hearing test, control volume, change various functional modes, and even control power of your devices.

  • Is the hearing test provided by HearingAble app accurate?
    • Yes. We identified that the hearing test done by our app is accurate by more than 90% compared with the test conducted at hospitals and hearing aid stores.

  • Isn’t it difficult for elder people to use HearingAble app?
    • From the beginning of the product development, we have targeted people with age of above 60 as the main users. Anyone who are using smartphones can easily use IRIS10S.

  • Can IRIS10 app be installed in all smartphones?
    • Since IRIS10 app uses low energy Bluetooth technology, it may not be installed in old smartphones.
      The app can be installed in Android devices that run Android OS version 5.0 or later and Apple devices that run iOS version 7.0 or later with iPhone 4S or later device.

USER GUIDE Download the guide document.